Jason Monet

Jason Monet
1938 - 2009
Born in London, England in 1938, Jason has painted, sculpted, exhibited, and lived on three continents. Trained at the Christopher Wren Technical School and the London School of Printing and Graphic Art, he quickly shifted from commercial to fine art, rapidly establishing himself as an internationally known expressionist painter and sculptor. His portraits, landscapes, andfigure paintings exhibit a power and

honesty too rarely seen.
    Hes spent much of his life in the tropics, excited by the light and colour found there. Hes lived in England, Australia, the West Indies, Malta, Fiji, and for the past fifteen years, Bali, Indonesia. Hes created commissioned public sculptures, masks, and has painted such notables as Barbra Streisand, Noel Coward, Jack Palance, and Michael Caine.
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to read a great article about him from The Age (or read a PDF version), a memoriam from the Jakarta Post, and his obituary from the Sydney Morning Herald.


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